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Prompt responses and accurate assessments separates Brinker Animal Removal from other home services companies operating in McKinney, TX. Our team of licensed and bonded rodent removal professionals ensure you never have to worry about mice gnawing on wires or rats chewing up furniture again.

We offer permanent rodent removal services in the Dallas metroplex. Read the customer testimonials on our website and the feedback left on sites such as Yelp and the Better business Bureau (BBB). Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has provided McKinney, Texas homeowners with permanent solutions to their rodent problems.

It Starts with a Nest

Rodents might like the easy access to your home, but what really excite the furry pests are the numerous holes, crevices, and crawl spaces where they can build their homes. The first order of business for rodents after gaining access to McKinney, TX homes involves finding materials to chew for building large, comfortable nests. Newspapers, magazines, and clothing fabric make ideal sources for nest building materials. When the typical sources for nest building run dry, rodents turn to gnawing on furniture and structural support beams. Shredded wood represents a sturdy foundation for mice, rats, and squirrels to construct a home inside of your home. Rodents even go to town on drywall to obtain nest building materials.

Prevent Rodent Invasions in McKinney, TX

The home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal offer advice to our customers on how to prevent, mice, rats, and squirrels from gaining access to their McKinney, Texas homes. The first thing to do involves sealing every hole and crack. Because of joint flexibility, rodents can enter openings much smaller than their body sizes. You should also install door sweeps and make sure to repair or replace damaged door and window screens. Add screens to areas along the roof where squirrels can enter, as well as chimney openings that put out the welcome mat not only for rodents, but for large animals such as raccoons.

Brinker Animal Removal strongly urges our customers to store all dry foods inside of airtight plastic containers. The thicker the plastic containers, the less likely a rodent will gnaw its way through to the food. Ensure the attic, the basement, and every crawl space remains dry. In addition to seeking food, a rodent enters a home to quench its thirst. Moisture buildup in a basement represents a prime source of nourishment for mice, rats, and squirrels. The rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal suggest our customers store firewood at least 20 feet away from home entrances.

Brinker Animal Removal: Comprehensive Rodent Removal Services

When you need an experienced team of rodent removal professionals to implement measures that offer permanent rodent removal solutions, turn to Brinker Animal Removal for comprehensive rodent removal services in McKinney, TX. We will schedule an initial meeting to meet you and discuss the rodent issues you are experiencing. The first meeting involves considerable brainstorming to devise the best permanent solutions for removing rodents from your home. We also tell you what to expect, including the cost of performing your rodent removal job.

About a week after the initial meeting, we get together with you again for a second consultation. At this meeting, we discuss the specifics of your project that include what we need to remove or relocate to reach rodent entrance points. We explain the techniques we will use to extract mice, rats, and/or squirrels, as well as discuss the materials we plan to replace because of rodent chewing and scratching damage.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule an initial meeting to remove rodents from your McKinney, Texas home permanently.