They sat there are two certainties in life, but we like to add a third certainty that afflicts McKinney, Texas homeowners: Rodent infestations. As soon as the leaves turn brown and fall from area trees and bushes, rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels turn their attention to securing food and shelter inside of comfortable homes. Although the weather outside in winter is not frightful in central Texas, rodents need to find refuge away from barren trees and bushes that expose nests. In addition, food sources dramatically dwindle, which means rodents must seek out alternative ways to nourish their bodies.

For more than 35 years, the licensed and bonded team of animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal has delivered prompt and efficient rodent removal services. We work with a sense of urgency knowing the damage mice, rats, and squirrel can cause in an attic or behind a living room wall. When rodents invade your home, you need to turn to the GAF certified team at Brinker Construction.

Rodent Teeth Cause Considerable Damage

Rodents possess constantly growing incisors located at both the top and bottom section of the jaw. With teeth that never stop growing, rodents must chew and gnaw on objects to maintain the proper size incisors. Just one rodent that enters your McKinney, TX home can go to town on a wide variety of materials in the attic. The first order of business involves chewing soft materials up to build a spacious nest. Clothing, newspapers, and magazines turn into shredded messes used to create a new rodent home.

After building a new home, rodents turn their razor sharp teeth on hard objects like wooden support beams and the insulation that covers electrical wires. We have repaired rodent damage that required the replacement of attic support beams and the installation of brand new electrical systems. Although rodents typically are not considered aggressive, you and your family are susceptible to rat, mouse, and squirrel bites. Rodents can easily tear through flesh and cut deep into the skin to cause incredibly painful injuries. You also have to deal with the prospect of rabies, which medical professionals treat with a series of shots.

How to Get Rid of Rodents in McKinney, Texas

Brinker Animal Removal uses humane methods to trap rodents. Instead of setting poisoned baits that expose you and your family to toxic chemicals, we create food baits that entice rodents to enter large cages. After we catch rodents, our team of animal removal experts transports the captured wild animals back to their natural habitats. In cases that require medical attention for an injured rodent, we take the critter to a local animal hospital. Our humane trapping techniques have received plenty of praise from our clients that live in McKinney, Texas.

Emergency Rodent Removal Service

You wake up one night to the sounds of scratching and squeaking coming from the attic. With a flashlight in tow, you walk up the stairs until you reach the attic door. After entering the attic and shining the light towards a small hole in a wall, you notice a couple of rats scampering about the floor. Although it appears the rats are just a nuisance, the fact remains rodents are capable of costing you thousands of dollars in repair work.

One of the competitive advantages Brinker Construction enjoys is offering 24 hours per day emergency rodent removal services. Our team of critter control specialists responds to calls in the middle of the night, while our competitors sleep until sunrise.

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