Nuisance wildlife has become more common in residential properties as more homes were built in their natural habitat. Rats, squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums, and other wildlife find their way into homes seeking shelter and a safe place for their offspring. All wildlife has different sleeping patterns, eating habits, and are easily distinguished by our wildlife experts. These animals often become destructive to attics, leave trails of urine and feces, and carry numerous disease with them.

Although is it not common for homeowners to become ill from wildlife infestation, it is imperative to property resolve the wildlife issue for the safety of those living there and to protect your property. Rats have the ability to transmit Hantavirus through their urine, feces, and saliva. Squirrels have a habit of constantly chewing wiring in the attic space which can be detrimental to A/C systems and has been known to cause fires. Raccoons carry numerous diseases such as rabies and can be very destructive to anything in your attic space.

Brinker Animal Removal has expert technicians that will diagnose your wildlife issues and provide a permanent humane solution. We will thoroughly inspect the entire property and look for all possible entry points. We will look in your attic space at the wildlife trails and feces to determine the best solution for your home. We have a proven three step process to permanently remove animals and back it by a lifetime warranty.

Brinker’s Three Step Process

Step one Trapping

To start the resolution of your wildlife issue, our Animal Removal specialist will begin trapping. These animals will be trapped in your attic, walls, crawlspace, and sub floor depending on your properties construction. Trapping requires two service appointments per week for up to two weeks, but is flexible depending on the type of infestation. We safely trap wildlife using live cages and release them back into their natural habitat. All of the traps are set before the initial exclusion work is started so that the animals are not left without a food source. We use species-specific animal removal techniques for the animal’s safety. Many clients and our competitors use rat traps for rodent issues without success. These is not the best solution because the wildlife still has access to their preferred food source outside of the home. We make sure that the property is completely sealed up after all of the traps are set so that the animals no longer have access to their traditional food source.

Step Two Exclusion

The second step in our process is to seal up all of the entry points with a metal based product. This is done both of the roof and ground level. All roof returns, A/C lines, attic vents, chimney caps, and weep holes will be permanently sealed up. This will not only prevent new wildlife from entering your home, but will eliminate the food source to any animals that are in your attic. The wildlife in the attic will then search for an internal food source and find themselves in one of our cages. It is imperative to understand how many entry points your home has related to the current rodent issue and the entry points that can be a future issue. Brinker not only seals up the areas related to your current problem, but ALL potential entry points so that you will never have any type of animal invade your home in the future.

All of the exclusion work is performed by our technicians rather that sub-contractors like many of our competitors. The technician that did the initial inspection will perform all three steps of our process. The exclusion work done to the property will be painted to match the home maximize the home aesthetics.

Step Three Attic Treatment and restoration

After all of the animals have been removed from the attic space, properly decontaminating is absolutely necessary. Most of the wildlife species found in homes today have a variety of diseases and are naturally dirty animals. They leave trails of urine and feces throughout the attic space and a strong sent of pheromones. The pheromones lingering in the attic invites more animals back into your home because the animals will believe it is still a nesting site.

Our anit-microbial fogging treatment will completely sanitize the attic space and removed pheromones. This is done after we have verified that there is no longer any wildlife living inside the home. The treatment will kill any hazardous spores contained in urine and feces. The treatment will also kill any fleas, mites or roaches that are often brought along with the wildlife. Applying the attic treatment will ensure that your entire attic space is properly decontaminated.

In severe cases of wildlife infestation, it is necessary to do a complete attic restoration. This includes completely removing all of the existing insulation and blowing in new insulation. This will completely remove all urine, feces, and old nesting sites. Once all of the old insulation is removed, we will inspect all of your electric wiring, duct work, and condition of the attic space. We will then blow in new fiberglass insulation into your attic using high quality R-38 value. This ensures that your property is completely decontaminated and now more energy efficient.

Noises In Your Attic?

Most of our customers first notice a wildlife issue when they hear noises in their attic. These noises might be heard at a variety of times throughout the day and have different sounds depending on the animal. It is imperative to have a wildlife expert diagnose your issue immediately if you hear animal in your attic. This is often a sign of wildlife infestation. If you have looked into your attic space and do not see that wildlife, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. Many wildlife species are nocturnal and will not be active during the day while other types of wildlife will have left your attic space during the day. If you hear noises in your attic, one of our animal removal experts can quickly diagnose your issue and provide you with immediate relief.

If you live in the Dallas area and are having any type of issues with animals, Brinker Animal Removal is here for you. We deal with animal removal no matter how big or small. As soon as you hear a sound in your attic, see damage to the exterior of your home, or begin to smell a dead animal, call us immediately. We specialize in doing it right the first time and in a safe, natural manner.