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Whenever the temperature plummets and/or food becomes scarce, small rodents such as mice and rats move inside of Plano, Texas homes. You hear light scratching on the wooden beams above your bedroom and you see occasional droppings that indicate the presence of small rodents. Your strategy for removing the pests involves setting a few traps stocked with cheese.
However, the strategy does not eliminate your rat and mice problem.

The time has come to contact the animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.
For nearly 30 years, we have made removing mice and rats from Plano, TX homes a specialty of our home services business. You cannot afford the costly damage caused by small rodents to the wood, pipes, wires, and bricks located inside of your home.

What to Look for in a Plano, Texas Animal Services Company

How an animal removal company eliminates your infestation problem should make a huge difference in the company you choose to provide animal removal services in Plano, Texas. Brinker Animal Removal offers humane trapping services that allow wild animals to move back into their natural habitats. Only in animal removal cases that place families in harm’s way do we implement lethal animal removal tactics. For example, a rowdy pack of large raccoons might require us to implement a lethal animal removal strategy.

You also have to hire a company that removes animals of all sizes. Some home services companies specialize in removing only small rodents. Brinker Animal Removal handles animals ranging in size from tiny mice to fully grown deer that have moved into a barn located on your property. Cost also factors into your decision to hire a home services company. Many of our competitors charge by the hour, which lowers the incentive to get the job done rights swiftly. The expert team of animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal charges by the job, which motivates our team to remove your nuisances efficiently.

The Number of Services Offered Matters

How many services does an animal removal company offer? That is one of the first questions Plano, TX homeowners should ask home services companies. Some of our competitors offer a limited number of services that do not include home repair work and solutions that prevent future animal intrusions inside of your home. You also have to determine whether a company under consideration extracts animals from your entire property that includes the backyard. Brinker Animal Removal offers the most comprehensive package of animal removal services in central Texas.

Proven Trapping Tips

We work with Plano, Texas homeowners who prefer to take care of easy to perform animal removal projects such as removing squirrels in their Plano home. Our team of dedicated home services specialists recommends a few tips that ensure your hard work pays off. First, make sure to set traps that children and domesticated animals cannot find. This is especially important for traps set with food containing poisoned food. Second, place the traps out of the sight of guests to your home. Third, identify each trap by adding your name and address. Finally, check the traps often to prevent caught animals from
suffering painful deaths.

When it comes to removing wild animals from your home, Brinker Animal Removal is the affordable and efficient home services company to meet all of your needs. We catch uninvited furry guests quickly and then find new homes for the animals in the wild. Read online customer reviews and you will find a common theme: Brinker Animal Removal offers customer first animal removal solutions.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment that determines the types of services you want to get rid of unwelcome wild animals.

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