When you hear the scratching sound in the middle of the night or discover fecal matter in a kitchen foyer, the time has come to hire the highly rated team of rodent removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. From positive reviews left on Yelp and Facebook to accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Brinker Animal Removal has set the standard for implementing efficient, thorough, and humane rodent removal techniques in Plano, TX for more than 25 years.

Our team of GAF Certified Master Elite contractors has earned the reputation for offering the same type of quality services for rodent removal that we offer for Plano, Texas customers who require roof repair and maintenance. GAF Certified Master Elite certification means we possess all of the licenses mandated by the State of Texas and have made the time and financial commitments to conduct ongoing professional training.

Call Brinker Animal Removal at the First Sight of a Rodent

You notice one mouse scampering across the basement floor. No big deal, you think, until you learn how prolific one pregnant mouse can be delivering babies throughout the year. Rodents breed very quickly and since newborns require more food and water to live, the presence of one pregnant rodent equals more damage to your Plano, TX home.

Pregnant mice can deliver up to 10 litters per year, with each litter capable of sending 12 babies into the world. This means that over the course of 365 days, one pregnant mouse can turn into a family of 120 hungry and thirsty mice. Rats potentially can have seven litters per year, with each litter producing up to 14 newborns.

Reproduction math for rodents is a scary equation for Plano, Texas homeowners. At the sight of the first mouse, rat, or squirrel, we strongly encourage you to call the certified home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

Rodent Removal Prevents Damage to Plano, TX Homes

Rodents will chew and gnaw of just about any object in your home. The chewing and gnawing of magazines, newspapers, clothing, and even wooden beams allows rodents to build cozy, spacious nests in preparation for the upcoming delivery of a large litter.

Mice have no problem scaling the side of a bookshelf to get at the paper bounded within books in a den or library. Rats like to dig deep into furniture to extract rugged materials that form the foundations for their sturdy nests. Insulation in the attic to trap heat and the insulation woven around electrical wires are also fair game for destructive rodents. You can find rodent nests in discarded large appliances that have sat in the basement or garage for months. Rodents do not care where they find the materials to build nests. They simply follow the Nike motto of “Just do it.”

Rodent Removal Starts with Rodent Prevention

Brinker Animal Removal helps Plano, TX homeowners prevent rodent infestations by offering time-tested successful tips. The most important tip involves sealing any small space along the side of your home, at any height, to deter rodents from entering holes and cracks as small as 1/2-inch. We encourage our customers to replace loose mortar and weather stripping long before the first signs of winter. Another important tip is to keep your attic, basement, and crawl spaces dry by creating a steady flow of air circulation. Check pipes for leaks and drains for clogging caused by the accumulation of debris. Store dry food in airtight plastic containers and place the containers in cabinets located high above the kitchen floor.

To learn more about highly rated Rodent Removal Services in Plano, Texas, contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule an initial consultation.