Like many wild animals, rodents seek shelter in Plano, TX when the weather turns chilly. Rodent homes in barren trees and bushes become exposed to predators. Food sources dwindle to the few nuts squirrels have buried in neighborhood backyards. The worst rodent infestation scenario is a pregnant rat, mouse, or squirrel that gains access to your attic or basement. Rodents multiply quickly, as female rats can deliver up to seven litters per year, with each litter capable of bearing 14 newborns.

If you detect the presence of rodents in your Plano, Texas home, contact the GAG certified team of critter control professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. We find solutions to unique rodent invasion problems, from trapping rats humanely to preventing squirrels from squeezing through small holes and crack. A GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation means we have performed countless successful rodent removal projects, as well as used transparent business practices to get the jobs done right.

Hungry Rodents and Foodborne Illnesses

After a family of rodents builds a nest in the attic or behind a dining room wall, the next mission involves finding food you left out in the kitchen. With razor sharp claws, squirrels, rats, and mice easily shred dry food bags. Rodents can chew through what appears to be tough plastic bowls and containers to reach fresh fruits and vegetables. If you leave any produce on the kitchen counter, rodents can climb along the sides to reach the tasty meal. Voracious rodents eventually leave fecal matter everywhere they roam, which makes you and your family vulnerable to contracting a foodborne illness such as Salmonella, Lassa Fever, or Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. The threat of acute diarrhea and severe stomach cramps is reason enough to contact the licensed and bonded team of rodent removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal.

Rodent Proofing Your Plano, TX Home

Although we excel at efficiently catching rodents, Brinker Animal Removal also provides another service that most of our competitors do not deliver. We give you suggestions for rodent proofing your Plano, TX home. You should store dry food in airtight stainless steel containers placed in tightly shut cabinets and pantries. Make sure to secure fruits and vegetables in the bottom refrigerator compartments. When we perform a free home inspection, we search for convenient water sources, such as the pools of water that form under leaky pipes and around clogged drains.

Rodents use limber joints to squeeze through holes and cracks that are smaller than their body sizes. We thoroughly inspect along the roofline and around the foundation of your home to patch up holes and cracks. You should also repair damaged mortar and weather stripping to prevent a rodent infestation. Rodents like to use woodpiles and thick bushes to hide before making a run for an attic or basement. We recommend relocating wood piles at least 20 feet from the nearest side of your Plano, Texas home, as well as pruning bushes and shrubs before the onset of winter.

Highly Rated Animal Removal Contractor

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has led the way in Plano, Texas for completing the highest quality home services projects. Many of our customers have left glowing reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. We enjoy the highest customer satisfaction rate among area contractors, as well as the reputation for delivering rodent removal projects on time. When you need to address a rodent infestation, turn to the highly rated contractors at Brinker Animal Removal.

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