Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has relied on word of mouth advertising to reach new customers that live in Prosper, Texas. Our unmatched commitment to providing superior home services includes trapping wild animals that invade homes and commercial buildings. Client testimonials throughout cyberspace verify why you should contact the leading rodent removal contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

“Great company! They worked directly with my insurance company and made the process easy. They did great work and I will be using them in the future!”

The Brinker Animal Removal commitment to excellence involves making our team of licensed and bonded critter control professionals available for emergency rodent removal services 24 hours per day, seven days a week. When a family of rats gains access to your home, you cannot afford to wait out the determined wild animals. One pregnant rat can deliver up to 100 babies in a year. That is a lot of mouths to feed and worse, a lot of potential damage done to your home.

Rodents in Attic Cause Massive Damage

Rodents possess incisors that never stop growing, which means the critters must constantly chew and gnaw on hard objects just to maintain the proper teeth size. After a family of mice, squirrels, or rats enters your Prosper, TX home, the rodents quickly go to work by building large nests. Soft objects like clothing, newspapers, and magazines make ideal rodent nest materials. After the soft materials disappear, rodents turn their razor sharp teeth on hard objects such as wooden wall panels and air conditioner vents. If undetected, rodents can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home, and that is just the damage caused in the attic. A family of rodents unleashed in the kitchen or behind a wall in the living room can send home repair costs into the tens of thousands of dollars.

How to Prevent a Rat Infestation in Prosper, Texas

After we trap and remove rodents from Prosper, Texas homes, we spend time with homeowners explaining effective methods for preventing another infestation. Our free home inspection thoroughly analyzes the roofline and foundation to seal any holes and cracks that have developed. Rodents have the ability to squeeze through holes much smaller than their body sizes to enter attics and basements. We also repair damaged mortar and weather stripping to eliminate other avenues of entrance for squirrels, mice, and rats.

You should store dry food in airtight stainless steel containers placed high above the kitchen floor in tightly closed cabinets and pantries. Remove fruits and vegetables from kitchen counters and dining room tables. Rodents also search for water sources inside of homes, which means fixing leaky pipes and clearing clogged drains should be a rodent proofing priority. Open toilet bowls and dripping bathtubs provide rodents with ample water sources as well.

Certified Pest Removal Contractor

By earning the highly coveted GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation, Brinker Animal Removal has set the quality standard for Prosper, TX home services companies. GAF rewards contractors that have established a lengthy record of completing superior home services projects. Our team of rodent removal experts always operates transparently, which includes clearly explaining every step of the rodent trapping and removal process. We write easy to understand contracts that never tuck in hidden fees to fatten our bank account. When your home is overcome with rodents, you need a reliable and efficient team of critter control specialists to prevent extensive damage to your home.

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