Rat and Rodent Removal Services in Richardson, TX

The licensed and bonded team of professionals at Brinker Animal Removal does not treat rat removal as a nine to five job. In fact, our rat removal service closely follows the meaning of our mission statement: Brinker Animal Removal is dedicated to building successful relationships with our clients by delivering the highest quality restoration projects since 1981.

For more than 35 years, we have led the way in animal removal in Richardson, Texas by completing highly rated home services projects that include mice, rat, and squirrel removal. Our normal business hours run during that day from Monday to Saturday, but we also offer emergency rodent removal services. All Richardson, TX homeowners have to do is call our emergency line at 866-274-6537 to receive a quick response that takes care of your emergency rat removal needs.

Why Rats are a Huge Threat in Richardson, Texas

With the temperate central Texas climate, you might think rats would not need to find a warm shelter to ride out the winter. However, rats and rodents seek shelter inside of Richardson, Texas homes primarily to start large families. When the babies grow into adults, they have to constantly gnaw on something to prevent their ever growing teeth from becoming an obstacle to eating.

The constant chewing and gnawing produces razor sharp teeth that dig deep into human flesh to create serious injuries that often require rabies shots. Rats do not care about the size of the person they bite. Whenever a rodent feels threatened by the presence of a human, the wild animal will clamp down into flesh to administer a very painful bite. Small children who do not know any better are especially susceptible to rodent bites.

A Rat’s Search for Food Can Make You Sick

Painful rabies shots are just the tip of the iceberg concerning the huge threats rats and rodents pose to Richardson, TX homeowners. Rats also carry diseases such as Salmonella that they leave behind in the form of fecal matter inside of grain and cereal boxes. Salmonella can lead to a visit to the nearest hospital emergency room to reduce a high fever and alleviate the intense
pain caused by abdominal cramps.

After building nests, rats typically begin the search for food and water. The journey towards sustenance leads to urination along a rat’s path, which contaminates everything the urine touches. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), rodents can directly transmit diseases such as Tularemia and Hemorrhage Fever through urine.

How Brinker Removes Rats

Brinker Animal Removal uses humane trapping techniques to remove rats and rodents from Richardson, Texas homes. We prefer to use the live trap, which minimizes the pain and suffering of trapped rodents. Snap and glue traps place rats and rodents in an incredible amount of pain for extended periods. Repellents help motivate rats to leave hiding places, but the chemical repellents are often toxic to children and family pets. Poisoned baits present the same health risks and the practice is considered by most rodent removal contractors to be extremely inhumane. Ultrasonic devices represent a more humane form of critter control and removal, but many of the devices are not an effective trapping method. Read more about our rat and rodent removal process.

When you detect one rat inside of your Richardson, TX home, you need to contact the rat and rodent removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal immediately. We will schedule an initial meeting to brainstorm ideas on how to remove pesky mice, rats, and/or squirrels from your home. Then, we come back a few days later for a second consultation to nail down the specifics of your rodent removal project.

We remove other animals too. Read about our raccoon removal services in Richardson here.

Call our office or complete the online form today to schedule an initial meeting with the licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.