Squirrel Removal Company in Richardson, TX

Squirrels appear harmless. The rodents dart back and forth in the backyard hiding and recovering nuts and other foods. They scamper up trees to seek refuge in nests built at the top of sturdy branches. When Old Man Winter returns for the annual rite of unleashing snow and other frozen precipitation messes, Richardson, Texas homeowners can find themselves playing host to a family of squirrels.

It does not take much of an opening for a squirrel to pop into your attic. Like other rodents, squirrels can squeeze just about through any opening because of limber joints and flexible muscles. Once inside your home, squirrels turn into more than wild animals that spend their days hoarding nuts.

They turn into pests that require you to contact the licensed and bonded professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. The top animal removal specialist in Richardson

The Price of Not Getting Rid of Squirrels

Hoping the problem goes away is not the way to go for handling a squirrel infestation. Squirrels possess razor sharp teeth that slice and dice through most of the materials located in the attic and basement. After gaining access to your home squirrels immediately go to work by chewing and clawing soft materials, such as clothing and magazines, to build large nests. All the hard work makes squirrels hungry, which means the rodents either go back outside to retrieve nuts or forage inside your home for the goodies left out in the kitchen.

Squirrels rarely pose a threat by exhibiting aggressive behavior. However, it is what the rodents leave behind that should concern you. Fecal matter spread across the kitchen floor can potentially cause a foodborne pathogen illness. Salmonella, Tularemia, and Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever all cause severe symptoms that in many cases lead to hospitalization. Yes, the bushy-tail rodents appear harmless, but the remnants of an eating spree inside your home can have serious health care implications.

Pest Prevention = Pest Removal

Brinker Animal Removal helps Richardson, TX homeowners get rid of unwanted pests. When we complete a successful squirrel removal job, our team of dedicated home services experts sits down with clients to explain ways to prevent an encore home invasion performance. We seal every hole and crack of all sizes. The smallest hole can turn into a hole large enough to welcome limber squirrels. We recommend our clients store dry food in tightly closed plastic containers placed on cabinet shelves enclosed by a secure door. Water sources, such as the water that drips from leaky pipes, must be eliminated to deprive rodents of liquid nourishment. Before you install storm windows in autumn, makes sure every screen is in mint condition. Squirrels that cannot find holes and cracks turn to plan B by entering your Richardson, Texas home through ripped door and window screens.

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Hire Our Highly Rated Animal Removal Company

When you work with the accomplished team of animal removal specialists at Brinker, you work with a team that previous customers approve. Reviews on Yelp show why we’re the best animal removal company in Richardson. Our rodent removal contractors follow the most ethical business practices, which includes keeping you informed of our progress removing squirrels from your house.

Our humane trapping method involves setting baited traps with the natural foods squirrels enjoy. After we catch squirrels, we transport the rodents to a wooded area far from your home. We never use poisoned baits and we always trap squirrels in large cages that do not harm the rodents.

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