How to Remove Raccoons From Your Rockwall, Texas Home

After the sun sets behind the horizon, raccoons exit their homes for a night of mayhem. The bandit looking wild animals are capable of stripping large gardens of leafy vegetation and knocking over multiple garbage cans to consume the leftovers dumped by Rockwall, TX residents. As you settle into deep sleep, a raccoon might by eyeballing a gaping hole in the side of your roof.

When you wake up, you hear the clawing and scratching in the attic located above your bedroom. How do you deal with the pregnant raccoon that plans to spend the winter raising a family of several newborns?

You contact the licensed and bonded team of professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. For more than 35 years, we have offered solutions for Rockwall, Texas homeowners who suffer from raccoon infestations.

Prevention: The Heart of Critter Control

Raccoons possess a high level of intelligence, which explains how the critters know exactly where to go for quick meals out of the family garbage bin. The heart of critter control involves implementing measures that prevent raccoons from dumping over your trash receptacles and dining on last night’s entree. We encourage our Rockwall, TX clients to store garbage bins inside of the garage or basement. When the time comes to leave trash out for the weekly pickup, make sure to place a heavy object on each trash can lid to prevent raccoons from dumping over the refuse containers.

Our team of highly rated pest removal experts also shows clients how to seal holes and cracks that form around the foundation of their homes, as well as along the roofline. Check every door and window screen to detect rips and tears. This is especially important during the warmer months of the year, as all raccoons have to do for gaining access to your home is swipe a claw through easy to tear mesh. Install door sweeps on exterior doors that have large gaps above the ground to create a formidable barrier for raccoons to overcome.

Trapping Raccoons

They look like old school bandits, but raccoons are harder to catch than ordinary thieves. This is because raccoons put up a good fight to avoid removal from Rockwall, Texas homes. Our team of animal removal specialists uses a humane approach to trapping raccoons. We set traps baited with foods raccoons love, such as a sweet vegetable or a fatty meat. Our cages are large enough to capture the biggest raccoon, without placing the wild animal under much stress. The slide doors connected to our cages flawlessly drop and secure into highly durable steel foundations. After catching a raccoon, we transport the animal to a wooded area located miles from your home. Part of the genius of raccoons is the ability to return to the home we made them leave.

Certified Animal Removal Contractor in Rockwall, TX

With the coveted GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation, Brinker Animals Removal has set the standard for pest control in Rockwall, TX. GAF awarded us the certification because we have established a decades long track record of providing superior customer service for clients that benefited from our professional animal removal expertise. We are one of the few home services companies operating in the Dallas metroplex that offers 24 hours per day emergency service. When you awake to the sounds of raccoons scampering in the attic, our animal removal team responds to your call for help immediately.

Call our office or complete the convenient online form today to schedule an initial meeting with Brinker Animal Removal to discuss the infestation of raccoons inside your Rockwall, Texas home.