Word of mouth advertising.

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has benefited from world of mouth advertising in Rockwall, TX. Our business has thrived because of the praise customers give us when they talk with friends, family members and professional peers. Word of mouth advertising about our highly rated rodent removal services is the secret to our success. However, because of the Internet, word of mouth advertising has changed from the spoken word to the written word.

Here’s an example of online word of mouth advertising:
“Working with Brinker Construction was a pleasure. They were prompt, professional, and I felt like I was a top priority. We are satisfied clients and would highly recommend Brinker Construction for any home services need.”

It used to be one satisfied customer told nine of his or her friends, family members, and professional peers about the superior customer service delivered by Brinker Construction. With online customer testimonials, one happy customer tells thousands of people across the Dallas metroplex about our superior rodent removal services.

Talk about word of mouth advertising!

Proven Rodent Prevention Tips for Rockwall, TX Homeowners

The licensed and bonded team of rodent removal professionals at Brinker Construction does much more for our Rockwall, Texas customers than remove rats, mice, and squirrels from attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Yes, successful rodent removal is our top priority, but we also emphasize how our customers can prevent rodents from entering their homes.

Rodents possess flexible joints that allow them to squeeze through holes and cracks the size of a penny. This means Rockwall, TX homeowners must seal holes and cracks, as well as replace degraded mortar and weather stripping. We encourage you to ventilate moist areas to eliminate water sources for rodents. Stack firewood at least 20 feet away from the nearest entrance to your home. Rodents often use thick vegetation and wood stacks to set up temporary homes before making the move indoors.

Brinker Construction Promotes Safe Rodent Removal

The certified home improvement specialists at Brinker Construction prefer to implement humane techniques for removing rodents from Rockwall, Texas homes. We also do not like to use poisons to eliminate the furry nuisances. Our reasons for avoiding poisons are twofold. First, children and pets are vulnerable to the toxic chemicals that make up the composition of rodent poisons. Second, we believe using poisoned bait not only takes out rodents, it also kills other animals that feast on rodent carcasses. There is no compelling reason to poison a family of rats and then have innocent deer and other wild animals succumb to toxic chemicals. We like to use live traps, which gives us the opportunity to relocate healthy rodents back into their natural environments.

Brinker Construction Earns the Highest BBB Rating

Yelp and Google reviews are the focus of small businesses that want to turn dozens of positive reviews into more sales. The home services experts at Brinker Construction put a lot of work into turning our successful rodent removal projects into positive online customer reviews. We take special pride in how the Better Business Bureau (BBB) views our home services company.

We recommend you read the positive feedback left by our customers on the BBB web page that discusses Brinker Construction. The BBB only publishes customer reviews from verified sources. In addition, the consumer advocacy agency also rates business, with an A+ representing the highest rating. Can you guess what the BBB gave Brinker Construction?

That’s right: We earned an A+ from the most trusted online word of mouth advertising source.

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