Raccoon Trapping Contractors for Rowlette, TX Homeowners

Raccoons prefer to remain in their natural habitats year round, but two circumstances can changes the living arrangements. First, some raccoon families prefer the convenience of easy access to food during winter by building nests in Rowlette, Texas attics or basements. Second, pregnant raccoons need to find more secure shelter to protect offspring from predators and the wrath of Mother Nature. Both reasons for moving indoors make raccoons a potentially dangerous threat to you and your family.

Raccoon trapping in Rowlette, TX requires the expertise of the licensed and bond team of animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. Since 1981, we have provided Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex homeowners with superior homes services that include trapping and removing large wild animals such as raccoons. Our humane trapping methods involve using food bait to lure raccoons into large cages, instead of using poisoned baits that jeopardize the health of your family and other wild animals that feed off raccoon carcasses.

For efficient and compassionate critter control, hire the experienced team of raccoon removal experts at Brinker.

Raccoons Move in for the Winter

The first order of business for raccoons that move into attics for the winter is to build spacious nests for large families or the expectant arrival of large families delivered by pregnant mothers. Raccoons tear and chew off soft materials like newspapers, magazines, and clothing to create much of the structural support for nests. When the easy stuff to chew and tear disappears, raccoons turn their razor sharp teeth on hard objects like wood panels and wall insulation to complete home building projects. The damage caused by building a raccoon nest includes destroyed wooden support beams and shredded electrical wire insulation.

Raccoons that move into Rowlette, Texas homes for winter must find reliable food and water sources. The wild animals make quick work of dry food left out in open bags. Because of an incredible ability to climb, raccoons can retrieve food left in open cabinets and pantries. The result of the eating and drinking binges is urine and fecal matter, which turn a clean kitchen into a serious case of foodborne microorganisms that cause fever, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

How to Prevent Raccoons from Moving in Attic

When you work with Brinker Animal Removal, you get much more than a contractor that catches and removes raccoons. We also work with you to prevent future infestations. You should store all dry food in airtight containers to start raccoon proofing your Rowlette, TX. Then, focus your attention on eliminating water sources, such as the puddles that form because of leaky pipes and clogged drains. Raccoons pick certain homes because of easy access to food tossed into garbage bins left outside. We recommend placing trash cans inside basements or garages, as well as securing dumpster lids with heavy objects to prevent raccoons from having easy to obtain leftovers. Once you cut off a raccoon’s food and water supply, the wild animal will move on to easier to access bins left out by your neighbors.

Nocturnal Raccoon Removal Services in Rowlette, Texas

Raccoons move about after the sun sets, which means it is often hard to detect their presence in the neighborhood. The bandit looking critters scale the sides of home to enter attics and squeeze through slightly open windows leading to the basement while homeowners sleep the night away. Sometimes, a nighttime raccoon invasion requires immediate action. Brinker Animal Removal offers 24 hours per day, seven days a week emergency home services to remove threatening raccoons.

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