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Wild animals pose several physical threats for Sachse, Texas homeowners. From painful bites to extensive claw scratches, you have to take care of wildlife issues on your property. By turning to the experienced team of animal removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal, you enjoy the permanent elimination of wild animals from your home. From trapping small mice to leading large deer back to their natural habitats, our knowledgeable and experienced team of home services professionals leads the way in Sachse, TX for offering highly rated animal removal solutions.

How Brinker Animal Removal Makes a Difference in Sachse, Texas

How does Brinker Animal Removal make a difference in Sachse, TX? We offer a full line of wild animal extraction services that most of our competitors do not include in animal removal packages. Many central Texas home services companies do not perform home repairs or implement prevention strategies. Brinker Animal Removal not only efficiently removes wildlife from your home, we also return your home to its original appearance by repairing wildlife damage. We also make sure the animal infestation never happens again.

Our team of experienced animal removal experts uses humane trapping and relocation strategies to ensure the optimal health of the wildlife we catch. Poisons put your family-especially young children-at serious health risk. Moreover, poisons cause wildlife to suffer painful deaths, which we want to avoid for ensuring we promote a humane approach to animal removal. Brinker Animal Removal removes animals of all sizes, from baby rats hiding in a crawl space to fully grown foxes lurking in a barn or garage.

What Type of Animal Removal Service Do You Need?

When you search for the right home services company to take of your wildlife problem, you want a team of customer service professionals that performs all of the types of animal extraction services required to secure your home. Brinker Animal Removal removes wildlife from tight spaces in the attic and we perform chimney inspections to prevent wild animals from blocking the heat ventilating out of a fireplace. We also specialize in finding and removing rabbits and squirrels from your lawn and garden. Our advanced fencing systems prevent hungry rabbits from making off with your carrots and tomatoes. Brinker Animal Removal not only handles live wildlife extractions, we also rid your homes of dead animals that pose serious health issued for your family.

Keep Your Family Safe from Wild Animals

Safety first in the motto our team of home services professionals follows for removing wildlife from the homes located in Sachse, Texas. Critters such as skunks and raccoons do not mess around when it comes to protecting their newly discovered winter homes. Raccoons can cause permanent damage to your body, as well as carry rabies that requires a series of painful shots.
We prevent raccoon intrusions by sealing every hole around your home. Raccoons like to make roof entries to set up shop in the attic to ride out the winter or deliver a new family of baby raccoons. Placing a brick next to a hole located at the roof is not enough to deter raccoons from moving into your home. You need to hire Brinker Animal Removal to seal the holes and eliminate any sources of food raccoons want to eat in the attic.

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has offered animal removal services for Sachse, TX homeowners. Read our online customer reviews to get a good idea why our home services company is the go to solution for the removal of wild animals. Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule an appointment to determine the most effective way to ensure only domesticated animals live in your home.

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