Raccoon Removal Services for Sachse, TX Homeowners

One night you pull into the driveway and notice something moving on the roof of your home. Actually, it is more than one something; it is a family of raccoons. After a few seconds, the wild animals disappear into thin air, or that is what appears to happen. Raccoons have yet to master disappearing acts in front of admiring fans, but the pests that bother Sachse, Texas homeowners are fully capable of living in your home. Raccoons in the attic can turn into thousands of dollars that you spend repairing incredible damage.

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Our home services company offers emergency critter control 24 hours per day, seven days a week. If you discover raccoons living in the attic at night, you cannot afford to wait until morning to catch the varmints and safely remove them from your Sachse, TX home. Raccoon trapping needs to take place immediately, and Brinker Animal Removal responds to your sense of urgency by delivering top rated emergency raccoon removal services.

Get Rid of Potentially Dangerous Raccoons

One of most common reasons for raccoon infestations involves a pregnant female raccoon seeking shelter to deliver her kids. After giving birth, a mother raccoon stops at nothing protecting her newborns from all possible threats, including any attempts to remove her and the children from an attic or basement. Raccoons of both genders can turn aggressive by biting and/or clawing anyone or anything that comes close to the family lair. Raccoon bites can cause rabies and one swipe of a claw can leave deep wounds that require emergency medical attention. When you detect the presence of raccoons inside your Sachse, TX home, a wait and see if they leave attitude puts you and your family at risk of severe physical harm.

Get rid of potentially dangerous raccoons by contacting the experienced home services contractors at Brinker Animal Removal

Raccoon Proofing Your Sachse, Texas Home

Raccoons are nocturnal wild animals that roam the streets in search of easy to access food. We are not talking about the vegetation raccoons like to eat from trees and bushes. We are talking about the trash left vulnerable for foraging along the street in front of your Sachse, Texas home. One of the most effective ways to raccoon proof your home is to secure garbage dumpsters in the garage or basement. The night before pickup, you roll the trash bins to the curb for morning pickup. Make sure to place a heavy object on the lid of each dumpster to deter raccoons from making today’s leftovers an overnight meal. We also recommend Sachse, Texas homeowners seal every hole and crack that appears along the roof and around the foundation of the house. Raccoons require large holes to sneak into an attic or basement. However, you should seal small holes and cracks as well to ensure small cracks do not turn into large holes.

Take Back Your Home from Raccoons

At the first sign of a raccoon infestation, you must take action by contacting a home services company that has more than three decades of animal removal experience. Our team of animal removal specialists uses humane trapping methods to remove raccoons from Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex homes. After luring raccoons into spacious cages, we drive the wild animals far enough away from your home to prevent another raccoon infestation. Raccoons possess the ability to find their way back to the comfort and safety of your attic.

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