Rodent Removal Company for Sachse, TX Homeowners

When the leaves begin to fall and the grass starts to turn to a lighter shade of green, the time has come for Sachse, TX homeowners to prepare for one rite of seasonal passage: Rodent infestations. With food sources depleted and the cover of lush vegetation gone for winter, rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels have to find an alternative home at least for three months out of the year. Nothing beats the warmth of an attic or the moist conditions of a basement for a secondary rodent home.

Before rodents invade your home, you should be proactive and contact Brinker Animal Removal to schedule a free inspection. Our team of licensed and bonded home services contractors thoroughly inspects every room to determine if you have mice living behind a wall or a pregnant rat in attic waiting to deliver up to 14 newborns. A home inspection prevents rodents from entering your home to cause damages that can cost you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Hungry Rodents Pose Health Risks

After building large nests, rodents head off in search of food located anywhere in your Sachse, Texas home. The first stop in the kitchen typically is all famished rodents need to satisfy hunger pangs. Because of razor sharp teeth, mice, squirrels, and rats make quick work out of dry food bags and the ripe fruits and vegetables left on the kitchen counter. If you come across a family of rats dining on your food, you run the risk of having one of the rodents bite you. A rodent bite can lead to a series of painful rabies shots. Rodents also leave fecal matter carrying foodborne pathogens. By coming in contact with rodent fecal matter, you can contract severe illnesses that cause high fever and severe abdominal cramps. Health issues posed by rodents are reasons enough to contact Brinker Animal Removal for emergency critter control services.

Rodent Proofing Your Sachse, Texas Home

Rodent proofing your Sachse, TX home against hungry rats, mice, and squirrels starts by storing all dry food in airtight stainless steel containers. Place the containers high above the floor in tightly closed cabinets and pantries. Put fruits and vegetable in the bottom compartment of the refrigerator. Although arranging fruits and vegetables in a bowl or basket enhances the décor of a kitchen or dining room, leaving food out in the open is like turning your home into an extended stay hotel for rodents.

You also need to eliminate every water source inside your home, as well as along the exterior of the house. Leaky pipes form pools of water that rodents lap up for nourishment. Rodents also like to drink the water that builds around clogged drains in the basement and by the hose you use to water the lawn. Our team of rodent removal experts has found mice drinking from faucets that homeowners did not completely shut off in bathrooms and kitchens.

GAF Certified Home Services Contractors

When you discover a rodent infestation, you cannot afford to save a few bucks by hiring an inexperienced home services company. Brinker Animal Removal has earned the highly coveted GAF Certified Master elite contractor designation because of the decades of experience we have amassed completing successful rodent removal projects. We follow transparent business practices by clearly communicating each step of the critter control process. Our customers sign contracts that never include the types of hidden fees padding the bank accounts of our competitors. Call our office or complete the convenient online form today to schedule a free inspection for your Sachse, Texas home.