Efficient Raccoon Removal for Southlake, Texas Homeowners

When a family of raccoons enters your Southlake, TX home, you need to immediately contact the licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. For more than 35 years, we have helped Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex homeowners remove and prevent the return of raccoons. Our critter control team uses humane trapping methods to remove raccoons efficiently from attics, basements, and anywhere else the large wild animals have batten down the hatches.

By using food bait to lure raccoons into large cages, we ensure the animals are treated kindly for the return to a natural habitat located dozens of miles from your Southlake, Texas home. Efficient raccoon removal does not mean harming the bandit looking pests, such as lacing baits with poisons. The use of poisoned bait might kill raccoons, but the chemicals used to make the poisons put you and your family in harm’s way as well.

Why Raccoons in Attic Create Problems

You might think it is okay to leave a family of raccoons undisturbed in the attic, but experience tells our team of animal removal experts that undisturbed raccoons are capable of causing major problems. Let’s start with the damage caused by raccoons that chew and claw everything in sight upstairs to build the family nest. Nothing is spared, as raccoons go to town on wood panels and the insulation covering electrical wires. In fact, the next time your lights flicker, the source of the issue might be one or more raccoons.

A pregnant raccoon that moves in for winter creates a problem after delivering her babies. The instinct to protect the kids means mama raccoon will use force to prevent harm from coming to the infants. She can leave a deep bite wound that requires painful rabies treatment. One swipe of her claw can send you to the emergency room. The physical threats posed by raccoons should be enough of a reason for you to contact the team of home services experts at Brinker Animal Removal.

Raccoon Proofing Your Southlake, TX Home

Brinker Animal Removal does much more than efficiently taking care of your raccoon problem. We also help Southlake, TX homeowners devise ways to prevent the return of raccoons. The first step is to make your home as unattractive as possible to raccoons. We recommend storing trash bins in the garage or basement to deter raccoons from entering your home. Easy to access trash bins are like a Welcome mat for a family of raccoons. When the day comes to move trash to the curb, make sure to weigh down the trash bin lids with heavy objects, such as bricks or boulders. Raccoons prefer to take the easy route for consuming food, which means the critters move on to easier to obtain sources of food down the street. You should also seal every hole and crack along the roof and around the foundation of your Southlake, Texas home.

Count on Us for Emergency Raccoon Removal

Although you need to have a sense of urgency for removing raccoons from your home, there are times when Southlake, TX homeowners need a home services company to perform emergency raccoon removal services. Unfortunately, you have limited options when it comes to emergency raccoon removal contractors. While our competition sleeps the night away, we are on the job efficiently removing raccoons from area homes. The 24 hour per day, seven days per week emergency animal removal services we provide make us a leader in the home services segment throughout the metroplex.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule a free inspection for your Southlake, Texas home.