Get Rid of Rats in Southlake, TX Homes

The famous line uttered by legendary actor James Cagney of “You dirty rat” has special meaning for Southlake, Texas homeowners. Rats are not only dirty, the rodents are downright filthy. A family of rats consumes all the food the pests can handle and the aftermath is not a pleasant one for our clients. Rats leave behind urine and fecal matter that taints food with microorganisms that can cause serious health consequences.

Rats appear to be benign animals, but the truth is once you detect the presence of the rodents, you must contact the licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. Since 1981, we have helped countless homeowners throughout the metroplex remove wild animals that include invasive rats. Brinker Animal Removal has received the home services industry’s highest honor, the coveted GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation.

When you want the best rat removal professionals, go with the team at Brinker Animal Removal.

When Rats in Attic Multiply

It is not just the contamination of what one rat leaves behind. Pregnant rats can deliver up to 14 babies per pregnancy. The scary part is female rats are capable of bringing groups of babies into the world up to seven times a year. This means one pregnant rat that finds a hole to squeeze through and make a home in the attic can produce nearly 100 babies within a 12 month period. Even a cadre of a dozen rats can make quick work of any materials located in the attic or basement.

Unlike raccoons that leave homes after the babies mature, rats do not leave their new found humble abodes. What rats do is spread out to move into gaps between walls and in cracks open along the kitchen floor. Rats act like contortionists because the rodents possess limber joints. What appears to be a hole too small for a rat is actually just the right size. One of the most compelling reasons for contacting Brinker Animal Removal is to hire a team of home services contractors that remove rats from walls and floorboard cracks.

Prevent Rats from Entering Your Southlake, Texas Home

If prevention is 99% of the cure for what ails us, it hits the 100% mark for rat removal in Southlake, TX. We start by sealing every hole and crack located along the roof line and around the foundation of your house. Then, we install door sweeps to ensure every door closes shut tightly. Our team of rodent removal specialists teaches customers how to store food properly inside airtight plastic containers. We eliminate water sources by fixing leaky pipes and cleaning out clogged drains. Rats like to use firewood piles and thick vegetation as staging areas before a home invasion. You should prune shrubs and bushes, as well as move stacks of firewood at least 20 feet from your home.

Ask for a Free Home Inspection

Rats do not make a lot of noise, but one day you might wake to the sound of chirping in the attic. It is highly unlikely a family of rats has just moved into your home. To confirm the presence of rats and to assess the damage, we offer a free home inspection. Our team of certified rat removal professionals examines every inch of your home to detect the presence of the pests. We then devise a critter control strategy that efficiently removes rats and ensures the rodents never enter your house again.

Call our office or complete the convenient online form today to schedule a free inspection for your Southlake, Texas home.