Rodent Removal Contractor for Southlake, TX Homeowners

Rodents have several reasons for invading Southlake, Texas homes. The seasonal change from autumn to winter eliminates most food sources, as well as kills off the lush vegetation that conceals the presence of nests. Pregnant rodents need a safe and warm environment to protect the kids from predators and the cold blasts ushered in by Old Man Winter. Central Texas rain storms can turn a backyard into a huge drowning pool, which prompts rodents to relocate to higher ground in neighborhood attics.

Whatever the reason for a rodent infestation in your Southlake, TX home, you need to hire the licensed and bonded team of critter control professionals that have amassed decades of experience trapping and removing rodents. Brinker Animal Removal has earned the trust of Southlake, Texas residents since 1981. More than 35 years later, we remain the preferred home services contractor for pest control in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

A Family Affair for Rats, Mice, and Squirrels

Power in numbers takes on a new meaning when you have to deal with a rodent infestation. One pregnant rat is capable of delivering up to seven litters per calendar year, with each litter possibly bringing 14 newborns into the world. This means that over the course of 365 days, your home can become the shelter for nearly 100 adult and adolescent rats. The carnage produced by a large horde of rodents includes the destruction of wooden support beams in the attic and electrical wire insulation in the basement. After stripping electrical wires bare, rodents can cause power outages or worse, start fires that quickly swallow up clothing and newspapers.

One pregnant rat or mouse inside your home should motivate you to contact Brinker Animal Removal for the immediate trapping of the destructive rodent.

Rodent Proofing Southlake, Texas Homes

After we efficiently catch and remove rodents, our next goal is to rodent proof your Southlake, Texas home. We start by sealing every hole and crack located along the roofline and around the foundation. Rodents possess highly limber joints, which allows the critters to squeeze through holes and cracks that are much smaller than their body sizes. Our team of rodent removal experts also repairs mortar and weather stripping to eliminate two more possible points of entry for rodents.

For the inside of your Southlake, TX home, we ensure all the dry food stores in airtight stainless steel containers. Although rodents have razor sharp teeth, the teeth are no match for rugged stainless steel. We recommend securing dry food containers high above the kitchen floor in tightly shut cabinets and pantries. Place all fruits and vegetable inside the refrigerator, not on top of the kitchen counter or dining room table. After making sure your food is out of rodent reach, we inspect pipes and drains to ensure no water has pooled to form the perfect hydration sources for thirsty mice, squirrels, and rats.

How to Trap a Rodent Using Humane Methods

Many of the home services we offer differentiate Brinker Animal Removal from the competition. For eliminating a rodent infestation, we differ from many of our competitors by implementing humane trapping techniques. Instead of using poisoned bait, we attach food rodents like to bait and then place the bait inside large cages. After we catch squirrels, rats, and mice, we transport the critters back into the wild where the rodents easily can find natural food and water sources. Any injured or malnourished rodents we discover go to animal hospitals for treatment.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule a free inspection for your Southlake, Texas home.