Raccoon Removal Company in The Colony, TX

As one of the most frequent pest removal calls we receive, raccoons pose several problems for The Colony Texas homeowners. First, the bandit looking wild animals can cause considerable damage in the attic or basement, as razor sharp claws and teeth make quick work of hard materials such as wooden panels and electrical wire insulation. Second, raccoons do not run away when confronted by two-legged animals. In fact, raccoons have no problem picking fights with humans.

When you detect the presence of raccoons inside your the Colony, TX home, the time has come to contact the licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. For more than 35 years, we have provided highly rated raccoon removal services for metroplex homeowners. In addition to trapping raccoons, we also enact measures to prevent the wild animals from returning to your home.

How to Trap a Raccoon

Raccoons often pose an interesting dilemma for animal removal companies. The reason is many raccoon removal projects involve not only catching an adult raccoon, but also removing several recently born babies. Pregnant raccoons find attics to be the ideal shelters to give birth to and then nurture a new family. Although using food bait to catch a mother raccoon is how we catch the critter, we have to use a hands on approach to remove the babies. Our goal is to relocate a mother and her kids to an animal shelter where the family can thrive in a closely monitored environment. Removing a young raccoon family and transporting the furry clan to the wild is not a good idea, as the primary reason raccoon mothers seek shelter in The Colony Texas homes is to raise newborns in a safe environment.

Working Hard to Raccoon Proof The Colony, Texas Homes

After we trap a family of raccoon, our team of experienced animal removal experts spends time with clients to devise strategies to prevent a recurrence of the home invasion. We are also available to help The Colony, TX homeowners devise a game plan to raccoon proof their homes before the first wild animal sets a paw in the attic. Our first priority is to seal every hole and crack along the roof line and around the foundation of your house. Then, we concentrate on making access to food nearly impossible.

We recommend our clients store dry food inside plastic containers placed high above the floor in tightly closed pantries and cabinets. You should also store fresh fruit and vegetables in the lower compartments of the refrigerator. The next step involves eliminating water sources, such as the pools of water that form under leaky pipes and around clogged drains. You should ventilate damp areas of your home to prevent the formation of small puddles. Make sure to secure trash bins by placing heavy objects on the lids whenever you roll out the garbage for next day pick up.

Hire a Certified Contractor to Catch Raccoons in Attic

How to catch a raccoon should never be left up to inexperienced homeowners. You should work with a certified home services contractor that knows how to remove raccoons from The Colony Texas homes efficiently. Brinker Animal Removal has received the industry’s highest honor in the GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation. The certification means we have performed successful animal removal projects for several years. Our home services company implements transparent business practices that include clearly communicating every step of the raccoon removal process. Transparent business practices also mean never hiding fees within the small print of a home services contract.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule a free inspection for your The Colony, TX home.