Rodents carry around a pretty heavy lifelong burden: They have incisors located in both the top and bottom sections of the jaw that never stop growing. This means rodents must constantly find objects to chew on to ensure their teeth remain the proper size to chew food. How does this affect our customers in The Colony, TX?

A rodent that finds its way inside of your home can cause significant damage.

When you detect the presence of mice, rats, and/or squirrels, you need to contact a certified home services contractor to take care of the problem efficiently. Brinker Animal Removal has earned the renowned GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation. GAF Certified Master Elite contractors have established a strong record of performing high-quality home service projects over the course of several years.

Since 1981, The Colony, Texas homeowners have turned to Brinker Animal Removal to take care of home improvement project, including the quick and safe removal of rodents.

The First Sign of Rodents in The Colony, TX Homes

Because of the constant need to whittle down their teeth, rodents will chew just about anything inside your home. Rodents also need to chew materials to build large, comfortable nests. The first targets of the materials needed to build nests include magazines, newspapers, and articles of clothing. After the easy stuff to chew disappears, rodents turn their focus on wooden beams, synthetic insulation, and the insulation covering electrical wires.

Rodents typically build nests out of the view of homeowners, but you can still discover the presence of rodents by finding strips of paper and clothing strewn across the attic and/or basement. Crawl spaces do not provide homeowners clear views of the presence of rodents, but continuous scratching and scampering should give you enough motive to contact the licensed and bonded rodent removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal.

Why You Need to Contact Brinker Animal Removal

Why do homeowners living in The Colony, TX need Brinker Animal Removal to perform efficient rodent removal services? The answer lies in the potential for you and your family to contract debilitating illnesses caused by the presence of mice, rats, and squirrels. Hungry rodents spare nothing in the attempts to gain access to dried food. After locating a vulnerable bag, rodents use their razor sharp teeth to tear open the bag and enjoy a feast. Careless homeowners who leave food out in the open can expect to find fecal matter the next morning. Rodent fecal matter can cause acute stomach cramps and super high fevers. To make matters worse, pregnant rodents enter homes to deliver large litters of babies not once, but several times throughout the year.

When Rat Removal Requires Extermination

Sometimes, the rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal must implement drastic measures to remove rodents from The Colony, Texas homes. A rat might become overly aggressive or pose a threat to the family pet. In some rat removal cases, we have to exterminate rats to protect you and your family from rabies. We de-scent areas where rats roam and then we decontaminate the same areas to prevent illnesses and diseases from harming your family. If necessary, our team of certified home services professionals will deploy baited traps that instantly kill rats.

Homemade solution to rodent removal in The Colony, TX often leads to frustration. Mice and rats can squeeze through holes and cracks as small as 1/2-inch. When they gain access to your home, it is just matter of time before one pregnant rat or mouse turns into a large family of rodents.

Act quickly to take care of your rodent problem by contacting highly rated Brinker Animal Removal.