Raccoon Trapping and Exclusion Services in Wylie, Texas

Of all the wild animals that invade your Wylie, Texas home, a raccoon has the potential to do the most damage. With razor like claws and powerful jaws, raccoons can turn an attic into what looks like a war zone. When you notice a raccoon coming out from the side of the roof or climbing a tree sitting next to your home, the time has come to contact the licensed and bonded team of critter control professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

Since 1981, we have established our animal removing company as the leader in the home services market throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. By using the latest raccoon trapping methods, our team of experienced animal removal experts efficiently catches and relocates raccoons to restore your peace of mind. We use food baited traps and then we transport raccoons in spacious cages to areas far away from your Wylie, TX home.

Reasons Why Raccoons Move into Wylie, Texas Homes

Why do raccoons move into attics and behind walls? The wild animals have what it takes to survive outdoors, but two primary reasons force the pests into Wylie, Texas homes. First, a pregnant raccoon needs a safe and warm place to raise her children. By finding an easy to access attic, a pregnant raccoon can hunker down and give birth to several more raccoons. When the kids are old enough to survive on their own, you now have a serious raccoon problem. Second, when the temperature plummets below what we typically experience in Central Texas, a family of raccoon seeks refuge in the attic of your home for relief from winter weather. In either case, you need to hire our team of certified animal removal specialists. We trap and relocate entire families of raccoons and pregnant raccoons that require the special care delivered by veterinarians.

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

How to get rid of raccoons involves a two-step process. We meet with you to determine the extent of the critter problem. Our team of raccoon removal professionals inspects the attic to determine if you have a raccoon infestation. After the thorough inspection, we return to the office for a couple days of brainstorming. Not all raccoon removal projects are the same, as raccoons present a number of problems that range from removing an overweight pregnant mother to dealing with a highly aggressive family of raccoons. Experience matters for removing raccoons, and our more than 35 years of performing successful animal removals should make us the go to contractors in Wylie, TX. We strongly urge our clients never to attempt a raccoon extraction. Leave it to the professionals that know how to get rid of raccoons.

Raccoon Proofing Your Home

Brinker Animal Removal does much more than raccoon trapping. We also spend time with every client teaching how to raccoon proof Wylie, Texas homes. The first order of business is to remove sources of food. Store your trash bins in the garage or basement until the night before the weekly pickup. Raccoons that dine on your leftovers are much more likely to explore ways to enter your home to eat more food. Our team of animal removal contractors also points out possible water sources for raccoons. Leaky water pipes and clogged drains create large pools of nourishing water for raccoons to drink. Raccoon proofing your home also means sealing every hole and crack along the roof and around the foundation of the house. We also recommend installing door sweeps to prevent raccoons from entering your home through the back door.

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