When Wylie, Texas homeowners need a home services company to remove rodents from their homes, you cannot not cost corners and go with a home services company that has limited, if any experience permanently removing mice, rats, and squirrels. You want to work with a home services company like Brinker Animal Removal, which has offered highly rated home services in the Dallas metroplex for more than 35 years. Our team of rodent removal professionals have received thorough training to learn the most effective way to eliminate your rodent problem, even if that means exterminating a large family of potentially dangerous rats.

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“Amazing service. Quick to respond to any questions and/or concerns! Did an amazing job keeping me up to date on the whole process! Highly Recommend!!!!!”

“Amazing” seems to be the word that best describes the rodent removal services offered by the certified team of contractors at Brinker Animal Removal

Why Rodents Invade Wylie, Texas Homes

Wylie, TX homeowners often ask about how rodents enter homes. Another good question to ask is why mice, rodents, and squirrels decide to invade shelters where they are not wanted. The easy answer is rodents try to find shelter before winter to protect against cold, damp conditions. It’s a good answer, but as we know, central Texas is not exactly like the northern plains.
It starts with a pregnant rodent that needs a relatively safe and comfortable place to deliver a large litter of newborns.

Attics, basements, and crawl spaces offer plenty of security, as those areas of your home are rarely visited by family members. Homes also prevent rain and snow from causing discomfort to rodent babies. Insulation installed in the attic and near crawl spaces adds warmth to the mild winter climate we enjoy here in Wylie, Texas.

Follow a Few Tips from Brinker Animal Removal

The licensed and bonded team of rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal wants our customers to live permanently live without a rodent infestation. We do our part by implementing highly effective animal extraction methods to trap mice, rats, and squirrels. Now, the time has come to do your part.

Examine the foundation of your home to detect small holes and cracks. Openings as small as the tip of an average adult thumb is all the space a mouse or rat needs to gain entry into your home. Seal all openings, as well as replace defective mortar and weather stripping. Store food in airtight plastic containers and make sure to secure the food in cabinets that automatically shut. Ventilate areas of your home where moisture can build up, such as the basement and near water pipes. Ensure all the drains do not have clogging issues. If you discover a clogged drain, use a snake to remove debris. Caustic chemicals can slowly degrade metal pipes, which eventually leads to an abundant source of drinking water for rodents.

Brinker Animal Removal: Taking Care of Rodent Removal

When you contact Brinker Animal Removal, we will schedule an initial meeting to analyze your rodent infestation problem. After a thorough tour of your home, we brainstorm ideas to develop a strategy that fits your rodent removal needs. We wait a few days to schedule a second consultation. At this meeting, we present our proposal for the rodent removal project. You can expect us to discuss the materials we plan to use for removing rodents, as well as the time it will take to get the job done right.

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